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    Elbow Locked Up. Arm still drags.

    setht77111508 Level 1

      Hey guys,


      Sledge315 here, I am a Twitch streamer and I built Leon the Lion for said stream. Everyday I add new features to my stream to up the overall looks and vibe my character gives off. In the process of adding a hotkey of him putting glasses on, he lost the ability to bend his arm. I noticed it halfway through adding in the new effect of the glasses. I always hide other layers in groups when I have my hotkeys set. this transition is pretty complex and I think I might've bugged it somewhere along the way without realizing it. I am also working in the beta still and that might be creating the issues as well. My windows PC hasn't allowed me to open the actual Character Animator CC for whatever reason, so I can't work within it. Anyways, the draggable handle and stick tools for arm and forearm are all as I left them, but when I move his hand, its like the elbow locks up and I can't get his arm to bend. The opposite arm still works fine. Also, the standard hand I have in place when no hotkeys hide it, is missing. not entirely sure why. I'd love to send my files over to share my issues if someone has some expertise in this. Let me know and happy animating!