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    How to print to Acrobat PDF via Teamviewer


      I have both Teamviewer and I have Acrobat DC.  Here's my issue.  When I am the remote computer in TeamViewer and connect to a host computer and with Remote Printing activated in Teamviewer, I cannot print to Acrobat on my remote computer.  I can print to my other printers connected to my computer (for example to my HP OfficeJet printer) but cannot print to PDF.


      I checked with TeamViewer and they indicated the below:


      "The only way for print to PDF to work on the remote computer would be to use a print to PDF app that supports PostScript or EMF and appears as if it were a physical printer on the remote computer."


      I thought that Acrobat has PostScript built in, but apparently not.  So how can I fix the above problem so I can print to Acrobat DC?



      Steven Zats