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    FLVPLayback progress bar problem


      Hello all,


      I use FVLPlayback component to show video in my flash application.
      I try to show progress bar which shows progress of loading videos.
      So i did:


      FLVP.addEventListener(VideoProgressEvent.PROGRESS, progressHandler);



      function progressHandler(event:VideoProgressEvent):void {

              var bl:Number = Math.round(event.bytesLoaded/1000);

              var bt:Number = Math.round(event.bytesTotal/1000);




      I set FLVP.source  = 'path/file.mp4'

      Unfortunately when I open a NEW file first time progress bar is empty during loading data.




      After that when I try to open this movie again progress bar works "properly". It means it shows progress. It's very quickly probably browser is using cache but still it looks it works.


      My question is : what I am doing wrong?
      I can't find answer in the internet.


      Thanks for your help.