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    Lagging TONE CURVES


      Hello everybody! Lets start discussion about problem which many of us have, and adobe still dont paying attention. Curves aint useable in 2015 Lightroom and Classic CC, while in camera raw all is running with perfect smoothness. Curves is main instrument for work. How can adobe do not pay attention to this issue. I found many suffering guys in internet, on youtube, all have same problem. Curves lagging so much that its aint just possibly work with them. I just exporting photos with XMP and editing photos in CR if i need curves editing. Is this seriously adobe? Really? Just why?


      I have i7700k 32gb ram. all other programs running with bullet speed, even camera raw which is basically same program as lightroom, and only lightroom lagging. In LRC CC was fixed many bugs and lags, yes. Still main bugs aint fixed. LR is now obsolete for serious color grading. I considering programs to switch, only library and presets library keep me with LR by now.


      Curves main instrument for work. They must as fast as cheetah. If they not its real reason to ditch from LR.


      Please pay attention adobe. You now like NOKIA in 2007. "Too big too fail". Any new good powerfull technology or program can be end of your monopoly easily. Be carefull please.