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    Composition menu is making sub links inactive.


      Hi I have created a Mega dropdown (top navigation) menu using an inbuilt Muse composition widget. The dropdown menu works fantastic. The problem is – I have some sub (side) navigation off in the right hand column. When I hover over the active links in the side menu they do not activate or funtion, somehow the composition menu is blocking (not allowing) the links to be seen.


      The problem can be seen here 



      If you hover over the navigation on the right hand side (to the right of the image) the links do not have roll over states until you hover over

      "Terms" or at the very end of the line of "Constitution, Policies & Codes". If you hover over the top Navigation button "Centre for Professional Development" you can see the area that is "blocking" the links. I can't figure out a work-around - I can't put the side navigation on a higher layer as it will sit over the top off the top navigation and I can't keep the top navigation drop downs to the left of the side navigation.


      This is all very confounding as the problem appears to only have started happening since updating Muse, the navigation worked perfectly a few months ago :–(


      Help please.