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    How do I fix a arm to a body?

    Riffbear Level 1

      Hi guys I am using the Robot template in Ch the one walking constantly to the right..

      Now I have made my own arms legs torso etc in photoshop and they are working perfectly fine..

      However the new arm I have created isn't staying fixed to the shoulder on the torso.

      Its swaying slightly left and right (sliding across) the torso.


      I have used the pin tool (fixed handle) where the arm meets the shoulder torso but its still sliding left and right around that area..

      How do I make it fixed to the body and allow it to move with the body as opposed to slipping across.



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          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

          Hi Riffbear,

          Sorry for the frustration. I know it well as I had the same issue when I was building my new puppet. Basically, you need to move the Origin to the shoulder area. When the Origin overlaps with the Body group, the two areas become "green." The arm should then be connected properly.


          Check out this video at 13:48.



          It helped me a lot! Let us know if you got your arms attached and working.



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            Riffbear Level 1

            Thank you so much! Ill give it a crack soon!

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              MFaustino Level 1

              Hey Kevin,


              for some reason, the Origin dot is not green so, when I move it over the body, it doesn't connect.

              I checked the names and everything is correct but none of my Origin points are green. Everything is working fine except the arms. What should I do?



              As you can see, they are overlaping






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                angie_taylor Adobe Community Professional

                it may be that you need to group the shoulder plate with the arm and then make that a warp independent object?

                What are the pins for that are listed under shoulder plate?

                Great character BTW :-)

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                  CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

                  There's a bug in version 1.1 that causes newly added groups to not default to Auto attachment. Until the next update, to work around the problem: select the group in the puppet panel and set Attach To to Auto in the properties panel. When set to Auto, you get the green UI stuff.


                  Another workaround is to just re-import the artwork, but then you'll have to redo any other rigging previously done in Ch.

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                    MFaustino Level 1

                    Thanks Angie! When the character is ready I will post him here.


                    This is my first attempt on Adobe Character Animator and despite some walls I have to break through sometimes, I'm loving to use it. I really believe that the pins are all correct and my last resource was to re-import the character from Photoshop to Character Animator after I rasterized every Smart Object I had. Almost every layer on pPhotoshop was a Smart Object so, after I did that and imported the PSD, the pins turned green. Maybe there is a bug when you overuse Smart Objects and import to Character Animator. Anyway, everything is working the way they should now.

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                      MFaustino Level 1

                      Thanks for the feedback CoSA_Dave.


                      I believe there is a bug when we use Smart Objects on Photoshop and then import the file to Character Animator. Most of my layers were Smart Objects and, after I got rid of them and re-imported the file, everything was working fine with green pins and all. The character had the "auto attach" option turned on but, although it was showing to be attached to the right body part, It wasn't attaching when I tried to animate him. Without the Smart Objects, it is working perfectly.

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