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    Latest version of PHOTOSHOP not activating immediately when double clicking on image

    David Honor

      This is a New issue, just started a few days ago.

      Normally, double clicking on an image file opens the newest version of Photoshop.  I have PHOTOSHOP CC2018 installed and Photoshop 5 installed (for very specific reasons only).  Up until now when double clicking on an image PHOTOSHOP CC 2018 would open and I would have access to all tools.


      As of yesterday whenever I click on an image file Photoshop 5 opens instead.  I can drag the file to CC2018  and it opens just fine, but double clicking on a file turns on PS5.


      I should mention that I NEVER have PS5 running, only CC2018.


      Gone through my prefs, gone through CC settings....nothing seems out of the ordinary and definitely not out of whack.  Used Photoshop since 1993, always MAC based, so I have a pretty good history in troubleshooting and knowing the program.  This one really throws me.


      Anyone else experiencing this issue??  Anyone know exactly WHY this is happening and how to stop it???