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    Banding and image distortion when using warp tool


      When I use the warp tool to straighten a horizon I'm left with big bands of damaged pixels throughout the image. This issue happens in both Photoshop & Lightroom. This issue is new, I've used this tool much more drastically in the past & quite regularly. It first occurred about a month ago. (The transform tool is the easiest way for me to display this issue...but it also occurs when I use Curves layers, or blend multiple exposures using luminosity masks, sharpening, noise reduction etc...)


      More info:

      Shot on a canon 5diii in RAW and edited as a RAW file on Mac OSx 10.10.5

      Camera Raw, Photoshop, and Lightroom are all up to date.


      Here are some screenshots:



      RAW Screenshot.png


      PHOTOSHOP SCREENSHOT (note the banding in the sky)

      Photoshop Screenshot.png

      LIGHTROOM (just to show that it is also plaguing my images with this banding)

      Lightroom Screenshot.png