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    CC 2018 slow png saves

    Mattmcquiff Level 1

      I've had a script running in CC 2017 that would save down png's I knew in cc 2017 there was the option to save PNG compressed so I have been using the script with no issue.



      set myLocalPNGOptions to {class:PNG save options, compression:5, interlaced:false}


      When this has been running in 2018 my script times out suggesting saves are timing out meaning longer than 120 seconds to save.


      109.8mb PSD is flattened (less a background) then saved as png. under these conditions. The time it takes to save is 123sec and compresses it to 13.7mb

      If I change the setting to its default 0.


      Its take 109 seconds to compress to 16.3mb this is is still much longer than it ever was on CC2017.



      Testing it as normal no applescript and it reveals the problem is still there.

      Medium file size setting take 107sec to a lightning drive in APFS and 150 seconds to a firewire drive in mac journaled format.