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    How to single-source RoboHelp source files to create videos?


      Hi, I have Adobe Communication Suite 2017 installed on my machine. We have a project in Robohelp and now are required to create videos for the same project. Can the RoboHelp files be single-sourced to create the videos? Since both RoboHelp and Captivate are included in the Adobe Communication Suite which is installed on my machine, probably this is possible.


      Will be great if you could please guide on how this can be done.




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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Are you active on facebook at all? If so, you have likely seen memes that don't move, don't do anything, yet they are a silly video. Sometimes they have background music but mostly they are just silent. I'm guessing it's because facebook prioritizes video content so folks are looking to extend their reach.


          My point with this is to say that RoboHelp presents content. Pages that you read and look at. Sure, those pages may present video content, but most of the time content inside RoboHelp is just static HTML pages.


          So you ask if the content inside RoboHelp can be "single sourced" in some odd effort to create videos. And the simple answer is sure! Just fire up Captivate, tell it to record full motion video, then capture the screen and maybe set some background music to it. Or maybe read to the viewer what the screen is presenting. But note that this is not just pressing a button to magickally wave some electronic wand and go POOF! Your HTML page in RoboHelp is now a video! There simply is no way to accomplish that I'm aware of.


          RoboHelp is fabulous at organizing and making video content available. In fact, I've been working for a couple of months on a project that does precisely that. But it's taking lots of time.


          Perhaps if you could clarify your goal beyond "make video content from RoboHelp" we might offer better responses.


          Cheers... Rick