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    Font missing on mobile preview

    perrybrus Level 2

      When I view my prototype via the XD mobile app I get fonts missing. I'm using Roboto, something my Android device should find attractive and my prototype is generated from an updated XD on W10 OS. When I preview the same mobile layout on desktop the font is not missing, however I get another font missing message that regards a totally different font that I'm not using in that prototype at all, as I'm only using Roboto for this project.


      What's up with that?

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you don't mind me taking a guess about this, there is Roboto in TypeKit, and there is Roboto from various other places that you can add to Windows 10. Although they have exactly the same name, Adobe may only be embedding the ones that are licensed via TypeKit.


          If you did get Roboto from TypeKit, then my guess can't be right, but if you got it from somewhere else you could disable it for the moment and try this page:


          Roboto | Typekit


          There is something slightly confusing on that page, there's an option to sync each version of the font, and a sync all, and an add to kit option. I think add to kit is for when using the font on a web site. I used the sync all option, and it seemed not to work, so then I did just the sync on Robot Regular, and that worked.


          I don't have an Android device on me right now, but the font definitely worked to my iPhone, which doesn't normally have Roboto.

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            perrybrus Level 2

            I don't get any typeface from typekit as I don't like that concept for many reasons. All of my typefaces are installed locally and my licensed fonts are all bought from vendors directly. Seems to me that XD handles type quite instable, as mentioned it gives me a different font missing message when previewed in desktop mode and another when previewed on a mobile. I thought XD embeds all the fonts used in a project automatically for prototype preview? Doesn't seem like it to be honest.

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              Dan Rodney Adobe Community Professional

              In the web prototype, the fonts get embedded into graphics. But the XD mobile app is different. From what I understand it's loading the actual XD file and therefore needs the fonts on that device.


              I think this has to do with how the live preview/updates work behind the scenes in the mobile app (as you work in XD on the desktop, the mobile app will update).


              I remember watching an Adobe Demo which said that the mobile XD app is actually XD running on a mobile device, which seemed to imply some interesting things for the future (although I could have been reading more into that than was intended).

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                perrybrus Level 2

                If that's correct it will be impossible to show a hifi prototype on any mobile device, it's not like I can control what typefaces are installed on my mobile device. Are there no way to objectify types in XD so they get rendered as objects instead of fonts? I mean, that's a very dirty and non sustainable way to workaround the issue but at least that get's the autentic type going in the Ui. Other than that I think it's odd that my Samsung Android mobile don't have Androids own "brand type" Roboto installed?


                I think Adobe XD should find a workaround for this. God knows how many mobile projects I have going with different brand types that the client have made WOF formats for. I really need to see hifi prototypes with authentic typefaces on authentic device.

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                  Dan Rodney Adobe Community Professional

                  I agree that missing fonts should not be something we have to think of when previewing on a mobile device.

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                    I noticed that the same app I created displays the imported fonts fine on my iPad but is not working on Android mobile (8.0.0). The app was designed / created on Mac.