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    GTX 1070 and 16GB of ram or 1060 and 32gb?

    masai91 Level 1

      I'm upgrading my build with the following: (prices in Italy)

      Intel i7-8700K ~ 440 euro

      MSI Z370A Pro ~100 euro

      M.2 Samsung evo 960 250GB ~130 euro


      The original idea was to get a GTX 1060 6GB and add 16gb of ram to the already 16gb I have, DDR4 same model


      Considering ram is very expensive and next year will probably start to lower ( Samsung to increase DRAM output as RAM prices continue to climb | PC Gamer ) I was thinking to leave ram as is and get a 1070 8GB for the same money.

      Do you think Premiere will benefit from the more cuda cores or it would be better off with loads of memory?


      I'll leave here the prices I have in Italy, so to see if it's worth spending 70 euro more for the Gigabyte or the Zotac mini will suffice since the price is pretty good.

      MSI GTX 1060 6GT 6GB ~ 310 euro

      GigaByte GeForce GTX 1070 G1 Gaming 8GB ~ 480 euro

      ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 8GB Mini ~ 410


      Thanks in advance, let me know your thoughts.

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          My suggestion is to go with the GTX 1060 6GB and add to your list a standard SATA iII SSD for your OS/Applications as the only storage you show is a M.2 Samsung evo 960 250GB.  That by itself is not good configuration since is not very large but use the M.2 for your projects and media.  If your are careful you can get by with a 128 GB boot drive.  Upgrading to a GTX 1070 only gives you a few percent change if you are using GPU accelerated effects and features.

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            masai91 Level 1

            Thanks for the advice.

            I actually didn't say what I have in my current setup so you were perfectly right to say so.


            I have a Samsung evo 840 120GB for the OS and a 750GB Crucial MX300 for working footage, projects, cache and right now even proxies, which hopefully I won't need anymore after the upgrade.

            I then have a 4TB Segate barracuda for storage, plus other drives with miscellaneous.


            I was thinking to use the M.2 for OS/Applications and maybe leave there cache and projects too, since it's fast. Then use the 750GB Crucial for footage. The evo since it's small and it's a bit old even if it still works well I would have used it maybe with the current build to have a second computer, but it's not necessary, if you find it useful I can even leave the samsung for something.


            As for the 1070, I'm always using lumetri colors, which I believe is accelerated and warp stabilizer sometimes. If the Zotac mini at 410 euro is not a bad card, it's probably worth the extra 100 since I'm not gonna upgrade any time soon.

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              masai91 Level 1

              I'm still trying to decide between the 1060 6gb 1070 mini or 1070 regular.

              Any suggestions?