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      Currently got an issue when trying to step artwork.

      This doesn't always happen but when it does, it can be a pain

      Here is the breakdown of the layers:



      Here is what happens when i use the object.translate(x, y) function:

      Gyazo - a240e5de488c00c087820eb94ad1b500.gif


      and here is what happens when i change the position using object.position[x, y];

      Gyazo - 5ccbe3e644e3648db674f2ac0ccaa5b0.gif


      .ai file and the .jsx file i used for testing:



      If you try to click the original object, you won't be able to click to the image thats on top when you ungroup the artwork.

      Cant see any attributes in the panels that might show when this happens or what might help.


      Anyone had similar experiences?


      Originally the object was in a bigger clipping mask (so should be all clipped up) and all the other objects were doing what they should but all the other duplicated objects would not display the shadow object.


      Kind regards

      Ben Mason