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    Is there a debugger?




      I used to use the ESTK (years ago), but with CC 2018 it doesn't seem to work anymore. When I try and execute a script it tries to run the CS4 version. "Target Illustrator CS4 is not running". The first line of the script is "#target illustrator".


      This is for a mac.


      Is there any other way to debug javascript? I'd like breakpoints, stepping, etc.


      I have an AppleScript debugger, but do not really care for AppleScript and would prefer javascript.



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          williamadowling Level 4

          type the following into ESTK and click run:




          make sure that you have the correct version of illustrator selected in the dropdown menu at the top of the ESTK window.


          I use illlustrator CC2014, so my version is 18.1.1.


          when you have your proper version number, amend your target statement to include the first portion of your version number. For example:


          #target illustrator-18