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    How can I use Javascript to transfer data from 1 PDF to a different PDF if a field contains specific text.


      I am working on a proof of concept and the files in the link below are setup to try to achieve it.

      Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.


      The "Text Field to search for unique IDs.pdf" has a javascript that populates todays date when opened. It has another text field named "search" What I want to happen is if a user types Cat in the search text field then a javascript will transfer the date into another PDF (Cat.pdf). I also want if the user types Dog that it  transfers the date into another PDF (Dog.pdf) And of course if the user types both Cat & Dog into the field that it transfers the date into both the Cat and Dog PDFs


      The files must be PDF and will reside on a local machine in the same directory.


      Any assistance you can provide would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!