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    Replacing context sensitive CHM help with context sensitive HTML Responsive Help

    DavidHutchinson Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      Our product links to multiple CHM files authored in Robohelp 2015. Each screen in the product links to a different help topic. For the CHM help, we use help IDs in the .HH file and aliases in the .ALI file.


      For example, for the help topic which explains how to log in, we have an entry in the .HH file and another in the .ALI file.


      In the .HH fileIn the .ALI file
      #define Login 100<alias name="Login" link="its:Help.chm::/Logon.htm"></alias>


      In our product, we have a function that opens the CHM file and passes the relevant help ID to RoboHelp to display the topic.


      Now we want to change to responsive HTML5 help published online. But ideally, we'd want to keep the Help IDs that we use in the code.


      • Can help IDs be used for web help?
      • If yes, does RoboHelp use the .HH and .ALI files for web help?


      For example, would this work for web help?

      In the .HH file
      In the .ALI file
      #define Login 100<alias name="Login" link="its:www.webserver.com/Logon.htm"></alias>


      If not, what is the process for creating context-sensitive web help using Help IDs?


      Thanks very much in advance,