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    Photoshop CC 2018 share

    mikaels71195823 Level 1

      In the new Photoshop CC 2018 there are a share function, but how does it work? I've tried to share images on Instagram but when I have done everything the "Send" button wont work, How do I share on Instagram??


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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Your mileage may vary depending one your OS and what you use.  On Windows menu File>Share or the icon it Photoshop top right corner show pop-up a share selector.  On Windows I see eight possible selections


          Facebook: This seem to work but I doe nor actually use my facebook account.


          Feedback Hub: This open Microsoft Feedback hub and the Photoshop document is included:


          Lightroom Photo: Lightroon is not on my system this fails.


          Mail: This wants to open Microsoft Mails not my mail application.  So I use my Photoshop email script.


          Cortana:  Seems to want to setup a cortana reminder withe the document image. I do not use cortana.


          OneNote: OneNote open ant there is some soe of meaasge to select a section ant then try share again. I doe not use OneNote seems to come with Windows.


          Skype: Start up Skype with document displayed in Skype.  Skype is installed by Windows 10. I do not use Skype.


          Twitter: Open  a Welcome to Twitter dialog that lets you sign up for an account or sign in.  I do not use Twitter


          If Mail started the correct application it would be better. If Windows File explorer can start the correct email application why can't Photoshop.

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            mikaels71195823 Level 1

            I tried Facebook and it worked, and I got the Instagram App from Windows store but it won't work to share photos on Instagram.

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              Daniel Presedo > dramenon Adobe Employee

              Instagram, my understanding, has only allowed users to create new posts using the official Instagram app on your mobile device. There are some options for posting images from a desktop using third-party apps, but none are officially supported. Using them runs the risk of being "shadow banned" which stops your posts from showing up in hashtag or location searches for a period of time.

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