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    PrintJob and Strange Behavior

    matn1 Level 1
      I was wondering why the following occurs, if anyone has an idea?

      I have a PrintJob very similar to the way the Flex 3 Cookbook describes how to add the Job to the main app.


      The problem I see, is that if the printView is any MXML component which holds my labels and printGrid, upon adding it to the parentApp using the function call above, all my fields get reinitialized after this method call, and it doesn't matter. scope either.
      For example if I have a MXML file call FormTemplate.mxml with my labels and printGrid to print
      and define it like
      printview:FormTemplate.mxml = new FormTemplate.mxml, then add my data to the labels and printGrid upon the call to add to parent app.these fields get re-initialized

      Yet if I define, any variables of the main types below, all my data is retained after the function call. So its like subclasses get reininialized, but direct parents do not.

      Below types retain there values
      protected var printDataGrid:PrintDataGrid = null;
      protected var label1:Label = null;