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    Error 16 Photoshop CS6

    zimolimo Level 1

      I was trying to export a sliced image using the "Save for Web" feature. This ran very slowly (I'm not sure if it even worked.) Later that day, upon starting Photoshop, I got an error message. I've spent so much time troubleshooting I can't remember exactly what it said, something about needing to update Photoshop and use Application Manager. I spent several hours trying to get Photoshop to work, unsuccessfully. I'm back at it again today, and now the only message I get when starting Photoshop is:


      I could uninstall and reinstall, but the problem is that Photoshop came with my computer, and so I don't have a product registration code.


      I have tried removing my Adobe Photoshop CS6 Prefs file.


      MacBook Pro

      MacOS Sierra

      Photoshop CS6