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    When are you going to fix the GLYPHS PANEL?

    lorie_wa Level 1

      It has been broken for an entire year now. I was so hoping that CC 2018 might address and fix the issue, but it is still broken. Fonts with stylistic sets that should show up as SS 01, SS 02, etc... show up as Discretionary Ligatures or Ornaments (or whatever the first of the alternates may be) but never as Stylistic Sets...


      There are many premium fonts that have glyphs that Photoshop will not apply to your text (and the same fonts work perfectly in Illustrator and InDesign).


      Please fix this, Adobe. I would much rather have a working Glyphs Panel than the pop-up videos to tell me what the type tool does...


      Windows 10 64-bit, Photoshop CC 2018

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          This is a User forum site you not dealing with Adobe here. Adobe does not publish information like you are asking for. Adobe also does not commit to fixing all bugs. You can search on reported problems on Adobe feedback site use this link Photoshop Family Customer Community


          There are bugs that have been in Photoshop for decades. Some Bugs never seem to get fixed. You need to work around bugs and hope some days some bugs will be fixed. Photoshop is usually quite stable but never bug free.  CS6 when first released had many issues and is the only release that I had major problems with its stability.  I have been using PS since PS3 around 1993. I first started noticing bugs Photoshop in CS2 before then I was more or less a casual user of PS. Many never run into bugs with what they do in Photoshop.