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    Selectively Reading a Podcast (XML)

    0degreesK Level 1
      Here's the situation: A client uploads MP3 files to a 3rd party via a browser. The form contains all the fields necessary for an iTunes Podcast (i.e. title, description, summary, keywords, etc.) The 3rd party hosts and serves up the files, as well as delivers the RSS/XML file to the client's server.

      I want to build a Flash media player to deliver this podcast on the client's web site. The only thing I know about reading XML is grabbing the overall <channel></channel> node and creating an array from the contents. Looking at the attached code: Is there a way to get past the <title></title> through <itunes:category></itunes:category> nodes, short of nextSibling, nextSibling, nextSibling... ? I mean, is there a way for ActionScript 2 to be told "Start the array when you run into the first <item></item> node?

      This would be preferable because while the individual item nodes will be structurally static, the initial information might change (i.e. the categories could be more or less).