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    Is there anything to do for someone getting a white screen trying to access Flash?

    peterfconn Level 1

      We unfortunately still have our Flash based survey tool that is being replaced but the new version is not ready yet.


      To get people into our Flash surveys (we publish Flash 6 so it's never a player update issue), we first show them this text:


      This survey for adults living in the United States is designed for laptop, notebook, and desktop computers.  Similar to many websites, it uses Flash, and before starting the survey, it may ask you to activate, enable, allow, or update Flash. (If Flash-related messages appear, please enable or activate Flash and allow it to run – note that it is not necessary to check for updates.)


      Most people get in by following the prompts that the different browsers put out, but there are some people who just get a white screen. Anyone know what the best way to handle this is? Would love to tell someone with a white screen to do something, but other than trying another browser, I don't know what.


      Any thoughts on the latest best Flash player instructions to get past all the blocks?