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    Youtube Player in Shockwave Sprite

    Robert Crowe Level 1
      I'm trying to embed FLV videos from YouTube into a Flash cast member and sprite. YouTube has an ActionScript 2 API for their player and I'm using Director 11 and Flash CS 3.


      I need to pull them from YouTube, I can't download them to disk and then use them.

      I can embed a movie with a normal FLVplayer component and get it to play video from the net. Lingo really isn't doing anything here. The ActionScript looks like this (CODE SNIPPET 1):

      But using the YouTube player I need to use their API, so the code looks like this (CODE SNIPPET 2).

      When I test the movie in Shockwave it loads the player and ytplayer.isPlayerLoaded returns true, but the video does not play.

      Does anyone have any ideas what the problem might be? When I simply publish from Flash it all works. I think I'm close ...