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    text field blank based on checkbox selection


      I am creating a medical referral form and would like some advice.


      My form has an area in which the service being authorized is to be selected via checkboxes. The user can select either Screening Mammogram OR Diagnostic Mammogram AND/OR Ultrasound (Screening must stand alone but Diagnostic can be bundled with Ultrasound if necessary). I’m using a Document JavaScript to control this, where the Screening box is automatically deselected if the user selects Diagnostic and/or Ultrasound (or vice versa).


      These three categories each also have three choices (bilateral, left, or right) and those are all controlled in the same JavaScript to allow the same OR-AND/OR configuration. Each group of three sub-choices have the same checkbox name, so that only one of the three can be selected (i.e. you cannot check both bilateral and right).


      Everything is working as intended up to this point, but now I’m stuck.


      I need the price we are authorizing to appear in a text box, pricing varies based on the checkbox selection criteria (Screening-bilateral, Diagnostic-right, etc.).  And I need the price to appear only if one of another series of checkboxes is selected (boxes identifying financial responsibility). If we are not the financial responsibility I want the Amount field to stay blank (or it could say N/A).  The Amount when shown will actually be text, as the price will say something like "$100 hospital + $35 radiology".


      I have created a Custom Calculation Script on the Amount box and can get the price in the box based on which service is selected, but I can’t figure out how to make the Amount box stay blank based on the checkbox selection in the financial responsibility series of checkboxes.


      Any suggestions? Am I even approaching this project the right way?

      Using Acrobat Pro 2017