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    Errors when adding Webtrends reporting html code to <head> (RoboHelp 2015, HTML5)

    mattd93257535 Level 1

      A real weird one here. I was inserting two <meta name> and one script src line into my <head> section, in order to setup Webtrends. Three issues are coming up:


      1. After I write the code and go to save the page, the script src coding is automatically moved from the spot I want it to be in (directly below <meta name="WT.ti"...> and is placed right above </head>.
      2. Also, robohelp has automatically added 'file:' to the front of the script src line.
      3. When I generate the html5 output the generating itself is very slow AND when it is done the actual live page is slow to load as well.


      I believe #3 is because of #2, but I cannot find a way to manually override this robohelp automation!






      Any help would be much appreciated! Screenshot below of the coding.