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    Sync vs import




      I made a small collection with 5 images in LR Classic and synced

      In LR CC, the collection showed up with some inconsistencies

      1. one image were missing two keywords. 4 people were tagged with names but only two showed up in the CC Eco (CC desktop, mobile and web)
      2. two images were missing sublocation info present in LR Classic

      I then exported the 5 images from LR Classic and imported (added) them in LR CC


      Now the above mentioned inconsistencies disappeared

      Any explanation?



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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Adobe have decided not to sync keywords or location fields to/from Classic. However, they are uploaded if you saved the metadata back to the files before syncing them. I think that will explain your problem.

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            Nevsaynev Level 1

            Ok, so if I save the keywords/locations to the files,a classic will upload them to the cloud as previews and LRCC will get that info from the cloud?

            the thing is I have set LR Classic to always save metadata to the files, so it is not really explaning why some keywords/sublocations are showing in LRCC and some are missing


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              john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Then if it is not explaining it, I suggest you just put it down to luck or to an accident of timing. It's probably too late to check the files in Bridge to see if the metadata was actually saved to the files at the time when the smart preview must have been generated. Since Adobe have failed to implement a proper way to sync keywords and locations with Classic, I don't think it's worth figuring out if it's 50% or 99% crap. Life's too short!

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                Nevsaynev Level 1

                Ok, I agree. I think Victoria Brampton said that for now it is best to treat LRCC as a Lr mobile for the desktop, and rely on Classic for day to day work

                thanks for the feedback