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    Using Flex Code in Flash

      Hi everyone,

      I really hope you can help me with this. Here's my situation...

      I've developed a flex application that connects to another java application using "BlazeDS". It works great!! The reason why I did this is because I'm developing (along with a Flash designer) a website of a music band, and I use java to connect to a database that has all the "gigs", news and subscribers to the website.

      Everything works great in Flex, my problem is I'm not a designer, I'm a developer. So I wanted to know if there's a way I can just give my designer friend a code so he can use it in Flash CS3?? (Like to send him objects containing the info. For example, give him a concerts object that contains the date and the location so he can build the datagrids for the concerts page in Flash)

      I think there must be a way to use Flex libraries in CS3, or maybe create some kind of Flex class that will work as a "communication interface" between the database and the flash code, I'm really not sure...

      In other words, I need to know how can my designer friend use (in Flash) what I've developed in Flex.

      Please let me know if there's a way...

      Just in case you need to know, I use Flex's Eclipse plug in (it's easier for me this way cause I have java and flex in the same place!)