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    Lightroom CC iPad zoom levels

    timashley Level 1

      On an iPad Pro, when looking at an image (usually RAW files) I often use a double tap to zoom to 100%. This usually works and appears to map one pixel of the image file to one pixel of the screen, as expected. However, sometimes and seemingly randomly, the exact same gesture (double tap) zooms in to a much higher level, which seems to be 200% or possibly more.


      if I wish to regain the ability to zoom that same file to just 100% it is then necessary to switch to another file, zoom to 100%, zoom out to ‘fit to screen’ resolution and then return to the original file, at which point it reverts to giving a 100% view on double tapping.


      Is is this a bug, or some intentional behaviour that has a point and an operational logic that I am missing?