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    Premiere 2018 - A Disaster!

    fiendishmedia Level 1

      Since installing Premiere 2018, I have had nothing but trouble. So far:


      1. I had my first crash/hang within 30-seconds of opening Premiere when trying to open a previous project

      2. Project conversions (from 2017) frequently show "media offline" even though THEY ARE RIGHT THERE WHERE THEY'VE ALWAYS BEEN

      3. Missing Dolby Support - this a HUGE problem as it now means many of my files are no longer compatible (and we're talking 10's of thousands of files so transcoding is impractical

      4. Had one incident where the mouse would not show on the Premiere window (but would for the task bar and any other non-Adobe Window

      5. After Effects titles show as offline

      6. Random MP3/M4A import/generic errors


      Not only having problems with 2018, installing that has actually caused problems for CC2017 too, something that worked fine before.


      The problem I'm now having in CC2017 is again offline media. This is with projects that were finished in CC2017, not converted, now won't reopen properly. Relinking media will give me a "the selected file does not contain audio media used by clip references". Apparently this might be down to the Dolby codec but as CC2017 supports this, it should work fine (after all, I edited the entire project with it before). Anyway, I import a different clip just to get the prompt that says "install the dolby codec" but even after this, relinking the other clips still brings up the "selected file/clip references messages".


      So yes, this is truly awful for someone like me that needs access to a huge amount of past projects. I could accept a buggy 2018 but not a now buggy 2017 too. My question is does any one know how to fix the last part of my problem.


      Unless I can get this fixed, I will be cancelling my subscription early, you can't charge for software that's this bug-ridden.

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          chrisw44157881 Level 4

          backup your dolby file because its been removed from cc cloud old premiere installers as well.

          pc: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017\RuntimeInstallers\1.0\dolbycodec.dat

          mac:Local Disc>Users>public>public documents>AdobeinstalledCodecs>Folder 1.0 "/Users/Shared/AdobeInstalledCodecs/1.0/dolbycodec.framework" on a Mac



          tmpgenc or Surcode is another dolby plugin.


          transcode your mp3's to wave

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            fiendishmedia Level 1

            Cheers for reply. Unfortunately the file is completely missing (even though I've resintalled CC2017 twice now, imported a clip and clicked to install Dolby codec).


            I've managed to find a work around to part of my problem. With the same project CC2018 would show most (not all!) of the MP3/M4A files as offline and wouldn't relink. CC2017 would show the video files as offline (and wouldn't relink) but would show the MP3/M4A files. As CC2018 had less to relink, my workaround was:


            1. Find the original audio files and make a copy

            2. In Premiere, use replace footage and select the copied file.


            Works flawlessly, just a pain in *** as have to do it with each file.


            Something went seriously wrong when Adobe released 2018. Not ready for prime time.

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              Deadpigeons Level 1

              Creating copies worked.

              Thank you!

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                Surround Idea Level 1

                Can someone please help me on this and drop me the file “dolbycodec.framework”. I desperately need to export prores with 5.1 audio from my latest Mac book pro.


                I can export 5.1 by using rollback premiere 2017 version with the dolbycodec.dll drop-in (from someone), but the dll only works for window.  So I figured dolbycodec.framework is some kind of “dll” for Mac, if I can get a copy of it, then it work work.


                I‘m dying for this, so if someone can help me out, I really appreciate it!

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                  ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Sorry for the difficulty! Try one of these suggestions if you've lost Dolby functionality:


                  1. Your simplest and best bet is to recover your CC 2017 apps as they were before you installed CC 2018. See if you can use Windows Restore to roll back the state of applications on your computer to before that time. On a Mac, you'd use Apple's Time Machine.


                  2. If you can't do that, then do you have a system backup or image from when you had CC 2017 installed, or perhaps it's installed on another machine? You could possibly use that backup together with the CC 2017 direct download links to get back to where you were before. At  a minimum, you'll need both the Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder apps.


                  3. If neither of those strategies recover a working CC 2017 for you, then you could try moving forward with CC 2018. You could use a third-party utility like Handbrake (a free open-source video transcoder) or XMedia Recode to convert your MTS/ACS files. Rename the files and reimport them into Premiere Pro. Then clear your media cache.


                  4. If none of the above work, then maybe consider upgrading to Windows 10 while it's still free, and press ahead with CC 2018 (if you're concerned about Windows telemetry, that's easily handled). Meanwhile, for Mac users, macOS upgrades are always free... Windows 8.1 or above and macOS 10.11 or above contain native support for Dolby decoding functions. Again, rename the applicable files and reimport them on your new setup. Then clear your media cache.


                  5. If you can't upgrade your operating system, can't move forward with CC 2018, can't go back to CC 2017, and are genuinely stuck with a project caught in the middle – and none of the above solutions work for you – then you could try contacting Adobe Customer Care to let them know and see if they can help.


                  6. Moving forward, when upgrading Creative Cloud apps, use 'Advanced Options' in the Desktop app to retain older CC versions rather than the default behavior, which is to remove them.


                  Hope that helps!

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                    Jim_Simon Level 9

                    I can export 5.1 by using rollback premiere 2017 version with the dolbycodec.dll drop-in (from someone)


                    I don't think you can.  Free Dolby was stereo only.  5.1 has always (and still does) require a paid plug-in.

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                      Surround Idea Level 1

                      Thanks for the points. Yeah I read your advice a while back. I remember it! But I only need to get it work on my mac book pro that I recently got from a furbished source so it didn't have the Adobe installed whatsoever, as the first installed version is 2018, which already omitted the dolby.



                      I don't mind to pay a 3rd party plug in but I just wanted to have a reliable software that can export prores along with 5.1 and 2.0  plus another ME2.0, total 10 mono channels. Yeah if anyone has personally used this kind of plugin that works like a charm, please let me know! But be aware of that I need prores and 5.1 plus another 2 pairs of stereo bundles together for delivery, not any other formats. Don't ask me why, I love cineform, but this is what the distribution wants, they are my boss. So in this case, I need Premiere workflow on mac not on window, or someone can point me to a reliable plugin for prores export on window that would be my alternative, too. Thank you, for tolerating my struggles, guys!

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                        Surround Idea Level 1

                        Yes, I can! Shot a photo, but don't know how to upload it here. Sorry!  Only you need that magic dll to go with 2017 version. I downloaded that dll from another forum of Dolby discussion.

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                          Jim_Simon Level 9

                          To add an image: