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    Timing becomes off.

      I am doing "auto" recording with audio narration.
      After a few minutes of recording my screen, the timing becomes off. So i will be talking, and it will be showing the wrong slide. Why is this happening??

      Also, when I go to slide properties and set it to “optimized” it asks to disperse the audio over several slides. What does optimizing have to do with the timing?
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          I'm having some timing issues as well. In addition to the same "optimized setting" problem that you describe, Captivate seems to keep randomly increasing the timing of my slides all on its own. Having to go back and re-edit the timeline after I have my timing the way I want it is really hurting my work schedule. Captivate 2 did the same thing and I was hoping Adobe would have ironed this bug out for Cap 3.
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            Suggest you record your audio outside Captivate and import the files, rather than use the internal recording function. We do it this way and never seem to have any problems with timing.