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    Xtras Xtras News / Mile High Table updates

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      Hi all,

      Just posting some Xtras news / updates.

      * The Mile High Table has some new updates:

      Yuichi Aizawa of E-CRAFT has developed a few 3D, Image and System Xtras
      and utilities - (awaW3DTrans Xtra, awaImage Xtra, awaOSUtil Xtra, Sw3dC
      - W3D Converter)

      I heard from cXtra. Their Xtras support D8-10. Unfortunately, they will
      not be upgrading or supporting D11.

      * The MHT has an enormous amount of links and am attempting to get
      everyone checked. All Xtras that have version information have been
      checked and confirmed with the Xtra developer. If you see any errors in
      the page, please let me know. If you are an Xtra Developer, please check
      your Xtras on the list and confirm all the details with me.

      * For those interested in whether the old Macromedia Xtras list will be
      revived, I have been asking Adobe. I hope to get an answer soon.


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