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    Fullscreen with menu view hides iconic panels after PS upgrade


      My normal view in Photoshop CC is Full screen with menus.  I default to auto show hidden panels AND auto collapse iconic panels.  Never had an issue.


      Now, after upgrading to Photoshop CC 2018 all of my iconic panels do not show when I am in Fullscreen with menu view.  The hide behind my active working window.


      I can, however see them when I switch to standard view, but this view does not allow full screen editing of my images.  I have to shrink my working window to almost half the real estate of my screen to see those panels again.


      Windows 10, PS CC 2018 .  When I upgraded, I believe I was prompted if I wanted to keep previous saved settings.  That was possibly after the first upgrade from PS CS6 to PS CC.  When it did prompt, I remember agreeing to keep saved Photoshop settings.


      Anyone with the same issue?