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    Flash Player in Incognito not working


      So when I try to load flash based games, etc... in Incognito, they no longer work. As of today. The day before yesterday there were no issues. I've made sure Flash is always (via the secure option drop downs) allowed on the page(s) in question and still no dice. I see this had happened before with the solution then being under switching off html over Flash, but that's no longer an option, so what is it this time?

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          There were no changes in Flash to account for this.  Please contact the Google for assistance.

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            jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

            Yeah, this is related to Chrome's plug-in blocking.  Chrome uses a "Site Engagement Score" to determine whether or not it should show Flash content by default.  That score is determined by how often you use a site, and I think the current threshold score is 101 (it increases over time, until Flash is eventually just off).  When you visit a site in incognito mode, you're visiting it for the first time, and your site engagement score is probably 0-ish.  It will never reach the threshold necessary to show Flash content.  This is an intentional choice by Chrome, and is by design.


            If you want to use Flash Player in a private browsing session, you need to use another browser.