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    I have 165 MB images in LR CC but the app reveals that I have used 0% of my alotted 50 GB

    vinsolo Level 3

      After the recent onset of updates from Adobe I find myself more confused than ever.


      I used PSHOP  2017 and LR Mobile. I had a smart collection in PShop 2017. With no help from me, this smart collection could be seen in LR Mobile on my phone and my iPad.


      Then, with the appearance of LR Classic CC I opened it and let it modify my catalog. Then opening LR CC I found that the smart collection existing in Lightroom Classic CC had now found its way into LR CC.


      Looking at the drop down list under the cloud symbol in the R upper corner of LR CC panel it shows that I have used no space in the in the 50 GB allotted to me for cloud storage.


      I feel that no one will understand what I am tying to explain.

      It seems that I have about 155 MB in the cloud but checking in LR CC I have ZERO MB used in the cloud.


      Any help, comments, laughs or whatever.