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    Maintaining guides when cropping


      Hi Guys,


      I have a question that has been on my mind for a few years now and I'm hoping that someone can help.  Most of the work I do is fine art canvases.  I usually offer them in three different sizes to my clients.  I have my guides set up so that they are 4" in on all 4 sides of my image. 


      Is there a way to downsize the image and keep the guides in the same spot at varying sizes?  I don't want to lock the guides as they need to adjust accordingly with the downsized image.  I just want them to stay at the 4" mark on all sides.  I hope I'm explaining this properly.  I have attached a screen capture of my image to help you visualize what I'm talking about.  You will see that I have 2" of image for the wrap around the canvas stretcher.  The extra 2" of white is for the stretcher machine to grab ahold of.  This is why there is 4" extra on all sides.  If I want to print a smaller image but still keep that exact same 4" around the outside, how do I do this in Photoshop?


      If I go to Image - Image Size and plug in a smaller size, it crops the image and maintains the aspect ratio, however it alters that 4" around the outside of my guides to something random.  I want it to still measure 4" at any crop size. 


      Thanks in advance!


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          You can downsize by changing resolution or by resampling or cropping the image.   The resized image will have some number of pixels and a print dpi resolution.   If you want 4" guide set for the resized image  I think the easy way to do that would be with a little Photoshop Script.  The script would first clear all existing guides then get the document DPI resolution and also get the document's width and height in pixels. It would then set  the four guides using the width height and resolution to calculate where the guides should be set.


          Its basic math and a little scripting.



          An action me also be able to do that.   Clear guide set a 4" horizontal and vertical guides, Rotate the canvas 180 degrees set a 4" horizontal and vertical guides and rotate 180 a second time.