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    Select and Mask

    Heirloom Bob Level 1


      I have this image and after watching several tutorials on Select and Mask, I am having issues removing the green background. Kelby says to use the lasso tool for a selection and then refine edge but I can't get rid of the green. Any thoughts on what i might be doing wrong? I thought this green background would make it simple.

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It would be best to show us your entire screen with the layers panel open and any collapsed layers expanded.

          It could be something simple like what you are choosing to do with the selection at the bottom of the select and mask dialog box. But that would be a guess without seeing your screen.

          If you could capture your select and mask dialog box as well. This can be a separate image.

          We will figure it out.

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            Heirloom Bob Level 1

            Created a rough selection with the Lasso tool.

            Select and MaskScreen shot 1 Lasso.jpg

            Changed OutputScreen 2 After Select and mask.JPG


            Results...Screen 3 After Select and Mask new output.JPG

            Screen 4.JPG

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              Doug.S Level 3

              Purpose of green screen is to be able to select green with color selection, then delete the green

              It works well but sometimes green color creeps into the hair making it harder to get a clean result.

              Also use defringe and mask that deletes fringe colors at bottom of refine edge tools on right.



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                Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                There are a couple of other steps you can take. One is to try smart radius and adjust its setting. Second is to use  the brush you have selected in the select and mask dialog box and paint around the person to bring out some of the detail. Finally adjust the global settings to fine tune the selection.

                You are almost there, just needs a bit of finessing. 

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                  davescm Adobe Community Professional

                  A couple of things to add:

                  1. When using the refine edge brush in Select and Mask - keep the brush small and only brush on the edges (you can check where you are asking the refine edge brush to act by temporarily turning on "Show Edges")

                  2. Never check decontaminate colours - it is destructive and doesn't work well.

                  Instead add a new layer above the masked layer. Alt click on the border between the two so that a down arrow appears and the layer will be clipped to the masked layer below. This means it will only paint where pixels are unmasked in the layer below.  Set the blending mode of this new layer to color.  Now take a soft brush, Alt click in the image to pick up colour and brush round the edges (you will need to Alt click again and pick up different colours as you work around the edge).



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