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    What happens when I run out of the 1TByte allocation?


      Currently using Lightroom Classic CC, considering moving across to Lightroom CC. Since I already have over 20GB of photos, this means going for the extra money for the 1TB subscription...


      ... which is OK, until I run out of 1TB, which could easily happen to me in a couple of years time. So the question is:


      (1) How much is the second terabyte going to cost?


      (2) Is there going to be an easy way of pruning the stuff in the cloud - I would like to be able to say, for example, "Please take anything over two years old that doesn't have a star rating of three or above, and export it onto a local hard drive". Since an external 1TB costs £50 (about US$75) at the moment, that means I can be sure that I'm not going to keep blowing up the cost as time goes on.


      I'm also wondering, if I'm just on the edge of my allocation, what happens when I try to import one file too many. Does it refuse to do the import? Does it start deleting older files? Does it prompt me to spend more money?