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    Slow browser based upload speeds to lightroom.adobe.com


      Hi, folks-


      I'm attempting to upload about 12 GB of photos (around 250 raw files) from a shoot to my Lightroom CC account (lightroom.adobe.com). I'm finding the browser based upload speeds to be EXTREMELY slow- far below what I know the Internet connection is capable of.


      With no other traffic, I tested the upload speed of the connection using my browser (speedtest.net) to be about 7.5 Mbps. This means that the 12 GB upload should take just around 4 hours.


      I tried uploading the files using Adobe Cloud Files Sync (dropping them in the sync folder and letting the system tray app do it) and the upload did indeed take just around 4 hours. However that process places the files in my Creative Cloud library, which is the wrong location and I can't seem to find a way to move them over to Lightroom without re-uploading them. Also I don't want to keep a copy on my computer at all.


      When I try uploading them directly to lightroom.adobe.com using the browser interface, the upload takes absolutely forever. It has been running for about 5 hours now and is just about 1/3 complete, so based on current performance will take around 15 hours vs the 4 it should have taken.


      Has anyone else had similar results? I'm testing with just one shoot but eventually want to upload my entire library of about 700 GB to the service. My ultimate hope was to upload files while on site for shoots and edit them live, but at these upload speeds that does not seem to be likely.