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    Help needed in making a PDF form with a "ton" of Javascript faster.

    Madmaxneo Level 1

      I have developed a PDF with a load of Javascript in it, it is an extensive character generator for a tabletop RPG. I have had a lot of help in creating this because I am not a programmer. The primary issue with my PDF is that the script references are all over the place. I have some in a consolidated script box, some in Document level Javascripts (DLJ) and some in individual fields. I have been told the best way to help speed up this PDF is I need to consolidate all the script into the "consolidated script box". But I would need help with some of the conversions. Though I think some may have to stay in the DLJ because of the way they work.

      The form does work. But the more features and data I add the slower and less responsive the PDF becomes. I know there are forums out there one can join for specialized help but they cost money, something I don't really have much of at the moment.


      FYI, this PDF is so slow in Acrobat that it's basically unusable. I've had to move to an alternative PDF program to do all the programming in, which consequently was also much less expensive than Acrobat is. I am also not able to afford purchasing the version of Acrobat that allows Javascript programming at this time.


      Is there anyone here who can possibly help with this?