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    How do use maps in Lightroom CC specifically geotagging photos


      I am trying to geotag photos using Lightroom CC. Where is the mapping feature that I see in all of the YouTube videos?


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          DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

          The "new" Lightroom CC which was released in the past couple of weeks is a completely new application presently at version 1.0.

          It is presently in development process and does not have all the features from Lightroom CC 2015.

          The upgrade to the earlier version Lightroom CC 20115 is now called Adobe Lightroom CC Classic, which functions as the earlier version if that is what you may have been using.

          The new Lightroom CC is a complete "Cloud Based" application, when imported your original files are uploaded to the cloud based storage in Adobe Creative Cloud. You can then access the files there to use your computer (2) or mobile devices iPhone, iPad, Android Phone , tablet etc (not limited) you just have to log in to the user account at Adobe Creative Cloud.

          See the link below for a comparison of the features.



          Lightroom CC Classic also allows you to"sync" Smart Previews of your image files to the Creative Cloud for syncing with your mobile devices but not the original files, these need to be located on your local storage drives. So one application your files are in the cloud and the other on your earth based storage.

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