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    Quote for pc build for  video editing on premier pro


      Hi, I would like some feedback and opinions on a quote that i have got for a pc build for  hd video editing with a budget of around£1000.

      i dont know much about the technical side to the parts etc so would like to know if this quote is about right or whether there could be some changes made. thanks


      quote does not include screens/keyboard and his rates.


      Case                                                              Antec GX-200 gaming case with Window ATX USB 3.0  Blue LED Fans Black                                     £49


      Power Supply                                                                      700w KOLINK  80 Plus Bronze Modular Supply                                                             £65


      Op System                                                                                        Windows 10 Home 64bIT  OEM                                                                         £99


      Mainboard                                  ASUS H170-PRO,INTEL H170,1151,ATX,DDRF, CROSSFIRE,M.2,SATA EXPRESS,RAID USB3 TYPE-C,HDMI £79


      Memory                                                                          16gb crucial DDR4 PC4-1700   2133MHZ  Desktop Ram                                                    £165


      Processor                                          Intel core 15-7400 cpu,1151,3.0ghz, quad core,65w, 14nm,6mb cache,hd gfx, 8 GT/s,Kaby Lake                 £189


      Graphics                                PALITGTX1050 TI DUEL OC,4GB,DDR5,PCle3,DVI,HDMI,Display port,1480mhz clock, overclocked graphics        £165


      Hard Drive                                                                                     2TB Seagate SATA-600 7200RPM                                                                          £79


      SSD                                                                                            240GB  Apacer Panther AS340 ssd drive 2.5in                                                            £9


      Optical drive                                                                                  Asus 24x Sata DVDRW   Black OEM                                                                      £15


      Card Reader                                                                               Dyynamode Internal Card Reader Black                                                                    £10


      This is with out screens and keyboard and his rate ( £1004)




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