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    Photoshop won't recognize my tablet inputs after latest Windows update?


      The gist: My computer automatically installed the latest Windows 10 update, and now all my Adobe Creative Suite 6 programs won't recognize my tablet monitor. The tablet still works fine in all other programs except Adobe CS.


      The details:

      - I'm running Windows 10 on a home desktop PC. My tablet monitor is a Yiynova MVP20U-RH. All relevant programs and drivers are up to date.

      - Adobe CS6 programs (Photoshop, Illustrator) don't accept tablet pen input from my tablet monitor. They accept mouse inputs normally, and my tablet pen works on other programs normally.

      - I *think* pen mapping might be the problem--when I tap the very upper-left corner of my tablet monitor screen with my tablet pen, it sometimes clicks the Photoshop "close" button on the very upper-right of the window/screen. Otherwise, I haven't been able to interact with the Photoshop window in any way.

      - I've made sure the tablet pen mapping goes to the correct monitor in my tablet settings.


      What I've tried:

      - Unplugging/replugging tablet

      - Restarting computer

      - Unplugging tablet, restarting computer, replugging tablet

      - Reinstalling latest tablet driver

      - Reinstalling all of Adobe CS6

      - Extensive messing around with tablet settings and display settings, in Windows and Yiynova settings

      - Followed the steps in Tablet support for Photoshop on Windows 8 , no effect


      My guess: Somehow, the latest update has made Photoshop and other Adobe Creative Suite programs think that my tablet pen input exists on a nonexistent third monitor, off to the right of my actual tablet monitor? Only for Adobe Creative Suite programs, though.


      Update 11/6/2017: I'm able to kind of circumvent the problem by telling Windows to duplicate my display on both my monitors (my regular monitor and my tablet), then turning off the non-tablet monitor. This obviously isn't ideal, because I need to use both my monitors to work, but I can get my tablet to work on Photoshop when I use this display setting.


      Update 11/6/2017 #2: Restored Windows to an earlier version and that is working for now, but obviously can't be a long-term solution. Hopefully the Adobe team can patch this compatibility issue!!




      Does anybody know how I can fix this? I'm open to any suggestions!


      (Sorry if this is in the wrong topic! I wasn't sure which was most applicable.)