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    Filling a image to canvis limits

    Bill Lea

      I have run into a bizarre problem which seems to be independent of Photoshop version - cs6 ->cc2018.  I use Kolors Autopano to merge numerous files into a combined Tiff  file. Many are not square. I take these images into Photoshop select the central image with quick select and then fill the background with a fill layer.

      The resulting Image is square on the screen. If I save or export it as a JPG  it is completely filled but if I save it as a tif the tiff only shows the fill to the borders of the original image. if I loaad the tif tile it LOOKS OK in the Photoshop view.  but windows explorer shows ragged edges.  If I run the Tiff file through the zoomify converter the raged edges appear in the zoomified image .  I think I must have something set wrong in Photoshop but what it could be I have no Idea.  Does anyone else know what would cause this?


      its haard to describe accurately.  So I will try again: Say you have a long flower like a gladiola and want an extreme close up Image of it. So you take a series of images running up the stem and over the blossom.  Running these files  thru the file merger will give you a diagonal set of images across the canvas. This usually comes out as a TIFF file with one layer. I open this file in Photoshop use the quick select tool to cut out the image and add a background layer with the fill layer command. This appears to fill everything. If I save the file as a jpg its OK if I save the file as a psd/psb it ok but if I use a TIFF I get the ORIGINAL outline of the images back again.


      Sorry to be so long winded but it is weird. Any one know what I am doing wrong? (I would post a small image but it won't let me)