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    Downloading from cloud in original extension.


      my client wants my complete assignment of 12,000 images i produced in original format on a harddrive. I can 1. Give my client a harddrive with all 12,000 raw files or 2. send the client the LR CC links to my folders for download.

      Question for 1: how can i back up the ORIGINAL RAW files library of images INCLUDING the album set up (names of albums in different folders) to an external harddrive?

      Question for 2. I have tested the sending of a folder. It downloads a zipfile with all images. Nice, HOWEVER not in the original format but in jpegs! How can i send a link to my folder with RAW files, with the opportunity to download the ORIGINAL file extension?


      Thank you!

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1. You simply export the files through the share button (click on save to) and use the originals+settings option for file type. Then select your hard drive and all the raws will get downloaded from the cloud (or copied from local storage if they are still on your computer) and put on the external hard disk


          2. You can't make raw files available from the web galleries unfortunately. To do this you would need to load the raw images through option 1 onto a dropbox or other sharing service like that. Unfortunately Lightroom CC does not integrate with Adobe's cloud files service so you can't simply move the images there without having to do a whole new upload. You should request the feature to be able to download raw files at feedback.photoshop.com

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            Koeknyc Level 1

            Thank you Jao!
            That means LR CC is not helpful with this assignment. But for transfer of HR and LR jpegs it is a nice and easy presentation. Will definitely give them feedback.