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    App Rules for AIR

    xwisdom Level 1
      I would love to see an application manager that comes with the air runtime. this could be a simple application that a user can use to create rules about what an AIR can do on their system. For example:

      * Turn off network access for a certain AIR app.
      * Prevent another AIR from reading files outside App-Path and App-Resource.
      * Stop an app from gaining access to a webcam or sound device
      * Specify the URL that a AIR can access via the network.

      This could be done by designing the AIR APIs to check a rule file before carrying out the functions. If access is denied then AIR would just respond to the application as if the resource was not available.

      This way I users can feel much more comfortable when downloading and testing AIR apps because they can now control what the app is done without having to get the source code of the app. This would also lessen the impact malicious AIR apps that might be coming from unknown sources.