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    Subscription amount online and what I have been charged is different

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      I was charged twice for the month of Sept 2017. The first time I was charged was on 21/9/2017 for the amount of INR 798 and once again on 27/9/2017 for the amount of INR 1995. This third amount was again charged to me on 22/10/2017 for INR 1995. I didn't receive any notification for the change in subscription amount. This was done automatically. Moreover online my subscription amount still shows as INR 676, I assumed with taxes its totals to INR 798. So why the overcharge? I assume there has been no change if it reflects this.

      I have been using the Creative Cloud for sometime now with no payment related issues. This was my first and trying to get it resolved as taken up a good 2.5 hours of my working day.

      I have the notifications and charges to show in my credit card statement (displayed below). I also have a screenshot of my online subscription amount.

      Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 9.30.34 am.png

      Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 9.30.44 am.png

      Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.44.17 am.png

      Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 9.59.11 am.png

      Hopefully after this post I will find some resolve to this issue.


      Moreover, I did a google search before putting this up and saw several people facing the same issues but reporting it on other forums. Why is this occurring? Adobe is big multinational company. We assume that they have good control systems and softwares that will keep a check on issues like this.



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