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    Data use with Adobe Draw

    lmayor22 Level 1

      Has a recent update of Adobe Draw changed the way the app backs up drawings to the cloud? I have been using this app extentsively for about 9 months to create some very complex drawings. Suddenly, in just the last week, I am noticing a huge amount of WiFi data being consumed on days of heavy use of the Draw app, particularly upload data. I am not consciously uploading anything or sending the file to my desktop Mac. This heavy data use has never happened with this app in the past. Is there a way to adjust this setting so it doesn’t constantly back up to the cloud? We have a cap on data around here! Thanks.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi LMayor.


          No one prior to you has mentioned this, so I checked with one of our testing engineers and he said it may be due to the new Timelapse feature in version 4.4 (more data is stored to create those videos).


          Does the timing of that sound about right to you? That update was released in late September.



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            lmayor22 Level 1

            Hi Sue,

            Thank you so much for researching this so quickly. This probably explains it. I don’t always update apps immediately, so although Adobe made the update available in late September, I don’t think I downloaded it until mid to late October. And that is when the problem started showing up for me. Timelapse sounds like a pretty cool feature, but if the trade off has to be 5GB of data upload from the app during an 8 hour work session in Adobe Draw, I personally would like to be able to turn off Timelapse. Is that available or will it be available in the future? For now I am resorting to turning off WiFi while drawing, but that shuts off all internet acces for me, like important e-mails. Thanks!


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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              Hi Lisa.


              There isn't currently a toggle but I have heard requests for it... primarily because not everyone has the need for video.  I'll drop a note to Draw's product manager referencing this conversation, so he knows that it may be the cause for excessive data use.