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    Horizontal Lines


      I saw a thread earlier about this but never saw the resolution. My ink jet printer, which has much better resoution than my laser jet, has crappy lines that appear at about 1inch increments. I'm not sure what im making mistakes on.


      Please help

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I don't see how this pertains to PS. This simply sounds like you never bothered to actually calibrate the printer and its paper transport system therefore operates on wrong assumptions. That or its mechanical systems are damaged. So perhaps spending some time in the driver and the tools that came with the printer might do wonders. For anything beyond that you would have to provide proper system information and details about the printer, anyway, which you haven't doen so far.



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            michaelstabile Level 1

            Wow. In other words, I'm useless bag of skin. Thanks