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    coding models

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      This is my first time here, so please be indulgent with me. I'm not a developper but I've been asked to specify a personal travel guide mobile app for a community of users. I want to include possibilities to allow people to connect if they are in the same location. And I'm wondering if PhoneGap can allow me to do it. I was wondering if people here share libraries of what they have developed...


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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          PhoneGap can be a part of your solution, but it won't be all of it. The capabilities you need suggest a server backend, which is a huge undertaking (security is HARD). I'd wager most of the work will be on the backend, although it's difficult to say with any certainty without more information as to what the app should do.


          As an aside, I wouldn't suggest this type of project as something a non-developer tries to implement. There are a lot of facets in an app of this sort, and not building it correctly could result in all sorts of security holes and risks to your users.