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    PS auto selects all layers


      I searched through the forum and it seems several years ago people wanted to turn auto select on. However, I installed PS on my new laptop and I can't get it to turn OFF and I can't even figure out what the problem is.


      No matter what tool I use, it auto selects whatever layer it wants to. If I have multiple layers overlapping each other, it selects the bottom layer even when I lock it so I can't do that. It just says that layer is locked and I can't make changes to the higher layers. It does this with move tool, arrow, type tool, and paint. I can no longer work with layered files and I'm ready to pull my hair out. This means I can't work in any of my files because all of them have overlapping layers!


      I want my layers to NEVER auto select and I can only make changes to layers when I manually select a layer myself in the layer window. How can I do this?